Karlee Leyer

Mainland Program Director

Vancouver, BC

Born in the prairies but raised by the Rockies, Karlee has always felt at home in the outdoors. She craves connection, whether it be people, animals, or nature, which ultimately aligned her with her career path in wildlife conservation.

Karlee graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies Biological Sciences program specializing in Renewable Resources. This education provided her with a strong foundation of knowledge about sustainable practices that not only benefit the environment but also enrich the communities and people who take part in these practices.

Beginning her career in Banff National Park as a Trail Guide, Karlee loved being able to teach people from around the world about the flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains. It was here she moved on to become the Interpretive Centre Assistant Supervisor at Sunshine Village. Moving back home to Edmonton, she took a role as an Outdoor Educator at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. There she was granted the opportunity to plan and deliver high quality outdoor and environmental education programs to the public, schools, community and adult groups. Always fascinated by animals, Karlee then moved on to the Edmonton Valley Zoo as an interpreter to deepen her understanding of wildlife education. With this organization, she had exposure to educating groups of up to 500 people on conservation and wildlife, allowing her to deepen her knowledge of wildlife species.

Volunteering with Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, WildNorth Wildlife Rescue, and Alberta Animal Rescue Society has allowed Karlee to understand the significance of protecting and preserving wildlife. She is an avid snowboarder, back-country hiker, and all-around active lifestyle enthusiast.

Karlee joined the NWPS team in October 2019 leading programs throughout the Lower Mainland.