Harbour Seal

Phoca vitulina Hauling out in large groups during breeding season, but otherwise solitary animals of the sea, harbour seals are very well adapted to the water. They are […]

Grey Whale

Eschrichtius robustus The grey whale is a truly unique species of mammal. These one-of-a-kind whales have come extremely close to extinction twice in the past three centuries. Now […]

Green Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas Characteristics The green sea turtle gets its name from the greenish colour of its shell, skin and scales. Adult green sea turtles generally weigh between 110-190 […]

Glass Sponge Reef

Hexactinellida Glass sponge reefs are incredibly rare, so rare and so hard to find, in fact, that they were thought to have gone extinct 40 million years ago […]

Giant Pacific Octopus

Enteroctopus dofleini The octopus is an elusive creature with an alien brain. Like humans, these intelligent animals can open jars, recognize faces, and use tools. Yet, only 35% […]

Fin Whale

Balaenoptera physalus The fin whale is the second largest living animal in the world (after the blue whale) and is native to British Columbia as well as other […]

Dall’s Porpoise

Phocoenoides dalli Dolphins and porpoises are by far the most entertaining animals to see when you are sailing on a boat. They are typically quite social, and this […]

Common Dolphins

Delphinus delphis (short-beaked) The common dolphin is a playful and intelligent animal. For fun, the common dolphin will often bow ride — riding the pressure waves generated by […]

Blue Whale

Latin name goes here Blue whales are the largest animals are Earth and the largest creatures to have ever existed (more than twice the size of the largest […]

Blue Shark

Latin name goes here The blue shark, is a large, pelagic, indigo-colored shark. It is a sleek shark with long, pointed fins, a pointed snout, and large eyes. […]