Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma tigrinum The tiger salamander is a small species of salamander, found inhabiting wetland habitats across North America. The tiger salamander can be easily distinguished from other species […]

Tailed Frog

Ascaphus truei, Ascaphus montanus The tailed frog is unique among North American frog species. It is one of the most primitive of frog species, and its most distinctive […]

Rubber Boa

Charina bottae Characteristics The rubber boa is one of the smaller members of the boa family. Adults are found to be anywhere from 38 to 84 cm long, […]

Pacific Tree Frog

Hyla regilla The Pacific tree frog is the smallest of the amphibians, but has the loudest voice. Hollywood often uses the croak of this species for a tropical […]

Pacific Giant Salamander

Dicamptodon tenebrosus The Pacific giant salamander is the largest terrestrial salamander in North America. Although it lives in a limited area of British Columbia’s southwest, the Chilliwack River […]

Oregon Spotted Frog

Rana pretiosa The Oregon spotted frog now numbers less than 400 in British Columbia. It is no wonder its scientific name means ‘the precious frog’. This species once […]

Long-Toed Salamander

Ambystoma macrodactylum Long-toed salamanders are one of six species of salamanders in BC. They are medium-sized amphibians. Their size is usually between 8cm and 12cm (3-4 inches), averaging […]